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“What Moltz and Lesonsky have put together is a must have book for your small business. Even if you’ve launched, go back and read this. There’s meat here.” – Chris Brogan, Business Advisor and Author.

“This should be required reading for every small business. You can save so much heartache and money by applying even a few of these hacks. And, it’s an easy read to boot! Grab your copy today.” – Shama Hyder, CEO of Marketing Zen and Best-Selling Author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing (4th edition)

“Most small business owners have no idea what it takes to run a business. Well look no further than these 100 hacks for success”- Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First

“Small Business Hacks is essential reading for existing business owners and anyone even thinking about starting a business. Why do things the hard way? Follow these tips from Barry Moltz and Rieva Lesonsky — two people who REALLY know what it means to own and operate a small business.” — Anita Campbell, Founder and CEO, Small Business Trends (smallbiztrends.com)

“Barry is the Proust of small business. No matter where you open the book there will be a nugget of truth on the page. And you can never predict the direction he’ll go next because he covers so much territory. This is a book of small-business nuggets that, like Proust, serve to tell you what you don’t know and make you want more.”- Penelope Trunk- Entrepreneur and career coach

“I can think of no better or smarter small business experts to rely on for advice on how to grow and profit. Thanks Barry and Rieva for writing such a useful book.” — Gene Marks, President, The Marks Group PC

“Is starting and running a business fun and exciting? You bet. But it can also be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where Small Business Hacks comes in. Barry Moltz and Rieva Lesonsky cut to the
chase and have gathered some really fantastic tips to make your small business life easier. From digital marketing to making more money, this book is chock-full of nuggets of wisdom. I love it and I bet you will too.” – Steve Strauss, USA Today Senior Small Business Columnist, USA TODAY

“If you are starting or running a small business, Small Business Hacks is like having 100 different expert mentors giving you advice on every aspect of entrepreneurship. From generating loyalty to what to do if
you run into trouble, Barry Moltz and Rieva Lesonsky, along with their contributors, have provided invaluable advice and resources that cover just about everything you need to know in an easy to read and understand format. You’ll want to keep this book next to you at all times!”– Carol Roth, Founder of the Future File® legacy planning system, TV & on-camera host and New York Times bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Equation

“Barry Moltz and Rieva Lesonsky are two of the most respected gurus in the small business world. They’ve teamed up to bring an aspiring small business owner shortcuts and tricks to make starting and running their business easier. As someone whose helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses, I know how value such advice can be. This is great addition to your bookshelf and your business!” – Rhonda Abrams, author of the bestselling Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies and President, PlanningShop