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Table of Contents

Start Up Hacks

Hack 1: How to Create a Mission Statement
Hack 2: How to Define Your Unique Selling Proposition
Hack 3: How to Brand Your Small Business
Hack 4: How to Open a Business Bank Account
Hack 5: How Lean Business Planning Works
Hack 6: How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Business
Hack 7: How to Buy a Business
Hack 8: How to Buy a Franchise
Hack 9: How to Price Your Products
Hack 10: How and Why to Incorporate Your Business
Hack 11: How to Find a Mentor
Hack 12: How to Form an Effective Advisory Board

Management Hacks

Hack 13: How to Maintain Your Lean Business Plan
Hack 14: How to Negotiate a Lease
Hack 15: How to Set up a Shareholder Agreement
Hack 16: What to Do if You Get Sued by a Customer, Vendor or Employee
Hack 17: How to Be More Productive in Less Time
Hack 18: How to Best Communicate with Your Partners
Hack 19: How to Spy on Competitors—Legally
Hack 20: How to Brainstorm Innovative Ideas in Your Business
Hack 21: How to Become an Industry Expert
Hack 22: How to Know When It’s Time to Close Your Company
Hack 23: How to Boost the Value of Your Business
Hack 24: How to Sell Your Small Business

Technology Hacks

Hack 25: How to Pick a Name (and Domain) for Your New Business
Hack 26: How to Get the Perfect Domain Name Even If It’s Already Taken
Hack 27: How to Set Up a Professional Email Address
Hack 28: How to Build a Website
Hack 29: How to Make Your Business Mobile-Ready
Hack 30: How to Claim Your Local Listings
Hack 31: How to Setup an E-commerce Store on Your Website
Hack 32: How to Interpret Website Analytics

Money Hacks

Hack 33: How to Select an Accountant
Hack 34: How to Find the Right Small Business Banker
Hack 35: How to Apply for a Bank Loan
Hack 36: How to Find Alternative Sources of Lending
Hack 37: How to Get Money from Investors
Hack 38: How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts
Hack 39: How to Read Your Financial Statements
Hack 40: How to Set an Annual Budget for Any Company
Hack 41: How to Manage Cash Flow
Hack 42: How to Get Paid Faster
Hack 43: How to Maximize Your Profit
Hack 44: How to Make It Easy for Your Accountant to File Your Business Taxes
Hack 45: How to Understand and Avoid Common Sales and Use Tax Challenges
Hack 46: How to Survive an IRS Audit 32

Sales Hacks

Hack 47: How to Raise Your Prices for Maximum Profit
Hack 48: How to Set Up a CRM System
Hack 49: How to Make a Cold Call
Hack 50: How to Make a Sales Call
Hack 51: How to Get a Prospect to Respond (When They Won’t)
Hack 52: How to Hire a Manufacturers’ Rep
Hack 53: How to Hire In-House Sales Staff
Hack 54: How to Negotiate Any Deal
Hack 55: How to Close a Deal
Hack 56: How to Use Email Marketing
Hack 57: How to Write Emails that Get Opened
Hack 58: How to Create a Social Strategy for Your Business
Hack 59: How to Get Started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Hack 60: How to Do Search Engine Marketing
Hack 61: How to Create a Blog for Your Website
Hack 62: How to Create a Content Marketing Program
Hack 63: How to Set Up Affiliate Marketing for Your Business
Hack 64: How to Work at Networking Event
Hack 65: How to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows
Hack 66: How to Get a Celebrity Endorsement
Hack 67: How to Get Your Product or Company on TV

Product Hacks

Hack 68: How to Create a Prototype
Hack 69: How to Manufacture Products Overseas
Hack 70: How to Find a Domestic Manufacturing Site
Hack 71: How to Sell Your Products on Amazon
Hack 72: How to Get Your Product into a Big Box Retailer
Hack 73: How to Set the Perfect Inventory Level
Hack 74: How to Know the Right Time to Hire Your First Employee
Hack 75: How to Find the Best Employees
Hack 76: How to Hire Your First Employee
Hack 77: How to Interview Prospective Employees
Hack 78: How to Create a Strong Corporate Culture
Hack 79: How to Set Compensation for Your Staff
Hack 80: How to On board New Employees
Hack 81: How to Give Bonuses to Your Employees
Hack 82: How to Find and Manage Independent Contractors
Hack 83: How to Manage a Virtual Workforce
Hack 84: How to Manage Millennials
Hack 85: How to Bring the Creative Out of Your Team
Hack 86: How to Survive Losing Your Best Employee (or Freelancer)
Hack 87: How to Appraise/Review Employee Performance
Hack 88: How and When to Fire an Employee
Hack 89: How to Handle an Unemployment Hearing
Hack 90: How to Set Up the Best Organization Chart

Customer Experience Hacks

Hack 91: How to Personalize Service to Your Customers
Hack 92: How to Be an Authentic Business
Hack 93: How to Make More Money from Your Existing Customers
Hack 94: How to Get a Referral from Your Customers
Hack 95: How to Get Online Reviews from Your Customers
Hack 96: How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews
Hack 97: How to Deal with an Angry Customer
Hack 98: How to Get Rid of Toxic Customers
Hack 99: How to Improve Customer Experience
Hack 100: How to Generate Customer Loyalty